Do more with your data.

Morelity is a subscription-based data analytics platform that provides financial institutions with insights about current and potential customers.

How much could you grow your business if you understood your audience?

Know Your Customers


Create visual reports from your securely uploaded customer datasets, allowing you to better understand your customers before making your next big decision.

Market Strategically


Make informed marketing choices by comparing your current customers to consumers in a region where you’re looking to campaign.

Cross-sell Products


Cross-sell more effectively by creating lookalike audiences based on your current customers.

Export Audiences


Export audience models from current or potential customers based on your desired demographics, credit info and lifestyle.

Ensure CRA Compliancy


Ensure that your marketing is CRA compliant by comparing your customers to regional consumer distributions.

Customer Insights

Growing your business begins by understanding your current customers

Our interactive data visualizations help you better understand your customers. Upload a simple dataset and we’ll provide you with information about your customer demographics, credit info, lifestyle and more.

Customer Growth

Gain a deeper understanding of your customers
in order to market strategically and effectively.

Customer Reports


Upload a dataset to generate interactive visual reports on your customers.

Comparative Reports


Create reports comparing demographic and credit info between your customers and regional consumers.

Regional Reports


Draw regions on a map to generate interative reports about potential customers in key marketing areas.

Custom Regions

Identify new customers via a regional market analysis.

At Morelity, we make it easy to understand the types of people that live in a region. Simply draw your custom region on the map to see demographic, credit, and lifestyle reports about consumers in that area.

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